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Of Swiss origen, Martin Hug has lived in Barcelona since 1994.
He studied percussion with Billy Brookes at the prestigious “Swiss Jazz School” in Berne. There he also studied piano, trombone, composition and arrangement for Big Band and Small Band. He then studied the composition methods of Palestrina under the direction of the composer Günstein Olofson at the “Hochschule für Musik” in Freiburg, Germany.
He is as a drum teacher and continious to work as a Jazz percussionist with the cello player Muneer Abdul Fatah. He has participaded in recitals of contemporary music. He has continued with his original investigations of percussion, designed and bulit his own instruments, partly inspired by everyday objects, and created programmes in assambly language for microcontrollers in order to realize his ideas on electronic music. With these instruments he has performed with dancers and visual artists at various venues.
The Miro Foundation, the CCCB (Center for Contemporary Culture in Barcelona), the L'Espai theater, the Mercat de les Flors, SideCar, L.E.M., Art&Brut, La Puerta, the Sonar Festival.
He has taken part in the following performances: "Clepsidra", "Monedas", "Ester", "Rayo, Zig Zag 8 Troc", "Gabriel Celaya", “La llum no es veu" - a performance about the life of Jean Michel Basquiat -, “Mobile”, “Bewegte Bilder”, “Cascando" by Samuel Beckett, “Música y la Idea del Cosmos”. "Dos Líneas Blancas".


Martin Hug
Martin Hug, performance sobre monedas en "La Puerta" en Barcelona
Martin Hug, Fundación Miró Barcelona
foto actual del 2006

Martin Hug has developed his own musical language, Tense and irregular rhythms which interweave in a nervous landscape of harmonic richness, are balanced by subtly whispered melodies or by the silence of frozen time and space. Dense and extreme sound at the frontier of abstraction; solid, aerated, liquid, whimsical and transporting.


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